Eriksson Pipe v1.2.4

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Eriksson Pipe

Eriksson Pipe performs the structural analysis and design of circular and elliptical reinforced concrete pipe. Internal dimensions of pipe culverts are sized based on hydraulic or other service requirements and are then structurally designed to support the weight of earth, live, or other loads that are imposed on them. Eriksson Pipe provides the structural analysis and reinforcing design. This method of design allows the user to obtain reinforcing steel areas for user-specified pipe geometry, material properties and loading data.

Eriksson Pipe is intended to be a design tool for the practicing engineer. For routine designs the engineer may input as little information as the diameter, wall thickness, depth of fill, and method of load application and then utilize a default file to generate the remainder of the input. For non-standard designs the engineer can override the default input parameter and use all the input menus to address the special conditions of his project. The user may quickly evaluate the effects of varying any of the input parameters to select the optimum design for a particular set of conditions. Because of its flexibility, Eriksson Pipe is intended for use by engineers. Many of the input values require knowledge of design specifications with which the user must be familiar.

Key Features of Eriksson Pipe

  • Uses direct or indirect design to analyze concrete pipe
  • Supports LRFD 8th Edition 
  • Either Heger, Radial, or Uniform soil pressure distributions can be used
  • Optional shear steel
  • Modern Windows interface with support for XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Familiar to users that have experience with PipeCar
  • Multiple reinforcing cage configurations

Download Eriksson Pipe v1.2.4

Download Eriksson Pipe v1.2.4

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