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EnergyPro is simple enough for even the novice to use, and it  provides professional results quickly. EnergyPro offers a number of different analysis modules designed to appeal to a wide range of professionals in the building industry.

Modules include:

Residential Title 24 Prescriptive (RM0)

Demonstrate compliance with the current version of the California Title 24 code for low-rise residential buildings. This will allow you to show compliance using the Prescriptive method for Additions and Alterations.  This is a much more streamlined method for additions and alterations that in many cases requires no CF1R registration or HERS testing. The forms include the CF1R-ADD-02 and CF1R-ALT-05 reports.

Residential Title 24 Performance (RM1)

Demonstrate compliance with the current version of the California Title 24 code for low-rise residential buildings. Approved by the California Energy Commission for use with the Building Energy Efficiency Standards, this module will perform an hourly simulation of the building to determine energy usage and compliance in accordance with CEC procedures.

Residential Load Calculations (RM2)

Determine the size requirements of HVAC systems for low-rise residential buildings.  Utilizing ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals load calculation procedures, this module will allow for room by room load calculations to determine the proper size of the heating and cooling system.

Residential GreenPoint Rated (RM3)

Developed in partnership with Build-It-Green, this module will calculate the energy point score used for compliance with the GreenPoint Rated scoring system used for rating existing homes. In addition, it will produce the form GPR-1 compliance certificate needed to demonstrate compliance with the GreenPoint Rated system

Residential Performance (RM4)

Calculate the energy performance of low-rise residential buildings when no code or compliance baselines are involved.  This module will perform an hourly simulation on the building, and determine annual energy consumption and energy cost.

Residential CalRatePro (RM5) V5.1 Only

Developed in partnership with CalCERTS, this module will perform home energy rating calculations on existing California homes for use with the CalCERTS Whole House Home Energy Rating and Energy Efficient Mortgage programs. This module will produce a HERS index which rates the energy efficiency of the home, and also allow for economic analysis of various energy efficiency upgrades on the home

  • 64-bit Windows Operating System (Windows 10)
  • Hard Disk: 1 GB of free space
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • High speed Internet connection (cable or dsl) for downloading updates and issuing Certificates of Compliance

Download EnergySoft EnergyPro 8

Download EnergySoft EnergyPro 8

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