Download EDGECAM 2023.1 Build 2335 free download

EDGECAM 2023.1 free download

what is new in EDGECAM

New Machine Configuration

Reacting to the demands of ever-changing machine tool builder world, EDGECAM 2022.0 now offer support for customer working with six axis machines tool. Specifically, Horizontal machine tools with 2 programable axis in the ‘head’ can been synchronized with a rotary table. Simple 3+2 machining is supported as well complex 5-Axis simultaneous milling can be supported in all configurations. Users will discover a new “Select Rotary Axes” command which intelligent allows the user to active the preferable axis to machine with.

Performance Improvements

Reducing calculation time by enhancing EDGECAM’s Multi-threading processing capability, has led to a productivity boost when working with the Roughing Cycle in EDGECAM 2022. Regardless if you are machining wireframe or solid models, EDGECAM 2022.0 is producing toolpaths 2-3 times faster than previous versions.

Simultaneous Five Axis Milling License

Customers who formerly possessed the Standard Five Axis Milling License (EN050-S) will now discover that the Advanced Five Axis Milling Cycle (EN050-A) has been automatically added to their configuration. This effect both 4-axis and 5-axis cycles. As the name implies the Advanced cycle offers considerably more functionality and allows users greater toolpath control.

NCSIMUL Essential

Simulation for 3-Axis Milling parts can now be checked inside NCSIMUL Essential – a new component offered in EDGECAM 2022.0. The whole machining assembly including toolstore data is automatically loaded into NCSIMUL Essential where the .CL data is checked for potential gouges. Users can dynamically interact with the toolpath, pinpointing exactly which line of code is being simulated. Multiple ‘Cross-Section Planes’ can be created to interrogate the resultant workpiece. Once simulated, the workpiece can be measured in a variety of different styles – Arc; Thickness; Hole Center Distance to name but few. Critical dimensions and stock analysis can be generated through the Comparison tool.

Rough Grooving Cycle Stock Aware

Turning customers will notice significant time saving thanks to the new ‘Use Current Stock’ function found in EDGECAM 2022.0 Rough Grooving Cycle. Formerly the cycle could not recognize irregular stock shapes and thus was forced to create surplus toolpath. With the cycle now being “Stock Aware” users will see a decrease in surplus toolpath and thus a reduction in cycle time. Depending upon the component part, some toolpaths could be reduced as much as 50-60%.

Roughing Cycle Minimum Helix Control

EDGECAM 2022.0 introduces new functionality allowing users to exert tighter toolpath control and reduce cycle time. Specifically, when using the Helix approach type strategy, a user can now specify the Minimum Helix value for the toolpath. Without this control, the toolpath could sometimes, revert to a Ramp approach strategy where not only cycle time could be increased but tool life may be shortened.

Machine Simulation TurnMill X Axis on Spindle

EDGECAM 2022.0 now fully supports simulation of Turn_Mill CYB machine tool configuration with C axis on the spindle. Perfect code has always been supported but the machine simulation required enhancement as EDGECAM formerly displayed the tool moving towards the workpiece whereas, in fact, the workpiece actually moves towards the tool. A simple switch within the code wizard parameters now assures both perfect code and realistic simulation.

Text Mill and Slot Cycles – Approach at Clearance added

Both the Text Mill and Slot Cycles now offer better toolpath control thanks to a new option – “Approach at Clearance”. As the new functionality can be found in all other milling cycles, it brings a more consistent feel to the commands. Users no longer have to add extra CAM instructions to avoid potential toolpath collisions, the cycles will now guarantee that the toolpath initializes at a safe position.

Rough and Profile Cycles Through Limited Hole Feature

When machining a “Limited Through Hole Feature” EDGECAM 2022.0 will now allow you to cut below the Feature depth. Formerly, the toolpath stopped precisely at the Feature depth which in certain instances would cause the toolpath not to fully break through the feature. Users may now specify a negative depth value to guarantee the toolpath fully passes the feature but, the software is sophisticated enough to clamp the toolpath depth to avoid accidently cutting into the other side of the part.

Rough Waveform Turning Cycle – Smooth option added

The ever-popular Rough Waveform Turning cycle has seen a further enhancement in EDGECAM 2022.0. A new toolpath Smoothing option has been added which converts the line segments into fitted arcs. Benchmark tests have proven the new command can lead to NC code reduction in the region of 75%. Moreover a smoother toolpath can reduce machine tool wear and tear.

Finish Groove Cycle

Turning customers will now discover extra functionality when using the ‘Break Corner’ command. Addressing specifically the first and last corners on a groove feature, formerly, the cycle did offer the ability to break the corners separately. EDGECAM 2022.0 now offers four settings – None; First; Last and Both. The new feature offers tighter toolpath control and prevents gouging when a groove is close to a neighbouring feature.

Wire EDM – New Strategy and extended controller support

A new post processor is available for the AC Uniqua machine. As this particular machine controller has grown in popularity, EDGECAM 2022.0 has responded by supporting this controller type. Furthermore, technology tables for Accutex (AU-700 IA) has been updated thus guaranteeing customers have the most up-to-date NC output.

Download EDGECAM 2023.1

Download EDGECAM 2023.1

Download EDGECAM 2022

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