DS SIMULIA Suite 2020 HF1(Abaqus / Isight / fe-safe / Tosca) Windows / Linux

DS SIMULIA Suite 2020 (Abaqus / Isight / fe-safe / Tosca)


abaqus or ABAQUS software is a product of the French company Dassault Systèmes and under the brand name SIMULIA is one of the most powerful CAE software (abbreviated to Computer Aided Engineering) and specifically computer computer analysis (Computer Aided Analysis).

Isight is an open desktop solution for creating flexible simulation process flows, consisting of a variety of applications, to automate the exploration of design alternatives, identify optimal performance parameters and integrate added-value systems.

Isight provides designers, engineers, and researchers with an open system for integrating design and simulation models—created with a various CAD, CAE, and other software applications—to automate the execution of hundreds or thousands of simulations. Isight allows users to save time and improve their products by optimizing them against performance or cost metrics through statistical methods, such as Design of Experiments (DOE) or Design for Six Sigma.

The fe-safe suite of software is world-leading technology for durability analysis from FEA, directly interfacing to all major FEA suites (Abaqus, ANSYS, Nastran (MSC, NEi, NX), Pro/Mechanica) and its capabilities have been developed to meet the most demanding industry applications.

fe-safe was the first commercially available fatigue analysis software to focus on modern multiaxial strain-based fatigue methods and it continues to set the benchmark for fatigue analysis software

The Tosca optimization suite provides fast and powerful structural and flow optimization solutions based on FEA and CFD simulations. Tosca optimization suite consists of two products: Tosca Structure is for optimized structural designs, and Tosca Fluid provides optimized fluid flow design concepts.

Tosca Structure delivers powerful optimization solutions for design of lightweight, stiff, and durable parts and assemblies within shorter development cycles to maximize performance, minimize material and weight, and discover new design possibilities. Tosca Structure offers functionalities for topology, shape, bead and sizing optimization.

Tosca Fluid enables topology optimization-driven design concepts for fluid flow systems and components. Use its capabilities to create innovative design ideas automatically for a defined flow task and available package space. Tosca Fluid’s unique technology helps you achieve the highest flow performance, quality and eco-efficiency.

Download DS SIMULIA Suite 2020 HF1 Windows / Linux

DS SIMULIA Suite (Abaqus / Isight / fe-safe / Tosca) 2020 HF1 Windows / Linux


Password extract file: 2020 or thuthuat-phanmem.top

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