Download VRay Next 5.00.05 for 3ds Max 2016 – 2021

Download V-Ray Next 5.00.05 for 3ds Max 2016 – 2021

V-Ray Next 5

V-Ray Next 5 or Vray 5 là phiên bản tiếp theo của phần mềm Rendered nổi tiếng của hãng Chaos Group

Light Mix. Layer Compositing. Refined material workflows. With VRay 5 for 3ds Max, connecting our award-winning renderer to more parts of the visualization process. Artists and designers can now composite renders, enhance materials and interactively relight images without leaving the program, extending V-Ray’s capabilities into new realm

New features in V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max include:

Explore multiple lighting scenarios from a single render. By adding the new VRayLightMix render element, you can adjust lights interactively without rerendering.

The new Layer compositor lets you fine-tune and finish your images directly in the V-Ray Frame Buffer — without the need for a separate post-processing app.

Choose from a library of over 500 render-ready materials including metals, glass, wood and more.

Save time setting up common materials with presets for aluminum, chrome, glass and more.

New rendered material swatches show you exactly what your materials will look like.

Sign up now and find out what else we’ve added — and be the among first to try upcoming new features

Download VRay Next 5.00.05 for 3ds Max 2016 – 2021

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Download VRay Next 5.00.05 for 3ds Max 2016 – 2021


Download Autodesk 3DS MAX full 2016 – 2021

Password extract file: 2020

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install VRay Next 5.00.05 for 3ds Max

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