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what is new in VECTORWORKS 2021

Smart Options Display

Stay in the modeling space with tools right at the tip of your mouse. There’s no need to constantly move your mouse between your drawing area and the tool palettes. And the Smart Options Display is customizable to easily access your most-used tool sets, last-used tools, tool modes, and standard views with fewer mouse clicks, letting you focus on your design.

Quick Search

The versatility of Vectorworks comes from a dynamic set of tools and menus to get design done. In version 2021, we’ve made sure that these robust options are easily accessible without slowing down the design process while also freeing up space on your monitor. Quick Search delivers on that. Quickly find and activate any tool or menu command by typing what you need, and Vectorworks will make suggestions based on your search and most common tools.

Vectorworks Graphics Module Cache

We’ve enhanced the experience for users of multi-core processor machines by optimizing the Vectorworks Graphics Module (VGM). The new preference to save VGM cache means up to 5 times faster file loading. You’ll also see improved transition time when changing 3D views and layer visibilities and no delays when navigating in 3D with the Flyover tool or when changing views.

Smart Markers

We’ve given a boost to drawing markers in Vectorworks 2021, creating a documentation workflow that is sure to exceed your expectations. Section markers, interior elevation markers, reference markers, detail callouts, and drawing labels are now consolidated into tools that are completely customizable. Create your own drawing marker from scratch and define unique graphics. You can also backreference a drawing label to the marker itself. And when you publish your drawing sets as PDFs, the markers will auto-create hyperlinks, streamlining navigation through multi-page production plans and construction documentation.


Say hello to a monumental addition to information modeling in Vectorworks — a resource called Materials. With Materials you can define the graphical attributes and data of building materials all in one location, including the 2D and 3D representation in plan and section views. Materials can also define construction properties, product data, and physical characteristics, providing a single source for structural, energy, and classification information. Materials can also be applied to complex, multi-component objects such as walls or floor systems, as well as to 3D-modeled objects. Like all BIM elements in Vectorworks, when a change is made to a material, any object to which the material is applied will be updated, letting you accurately report materials for your architecture and landscape architecture projects.

Grade Object Improvements

Grade objects have been an immense help to site designers who rely on slope-oriented or point-to-point grading. In version 2021, we’ve improved site modeling to better support your iterative design process by networking grade objects and automating changes made to networks. Changes made in one part of a network will be reflected in the rest of the grade. Or changes can be made to the network itself, giving you greater control in change management.

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