Download Valentin GeoTSOL 2021 R3

Download Valentin GeoTSOL 2021 Release 3

Valentin GeoTSOL 2021

The calculation and simulation software for heat pump systems

GeoT*SOL is a dynamic simulation program for professional planning, calculation and design of geothermal solar systems.

Simulation of the contribution margin of the heat pump and other heat generators

With GeoT*SOL you can simulate the heat pump system to the minute in order to determine annual performance figures (COP) and contribution margins. The systems can have other heat generators such as gas condensing boilers and solar systems. Movovalent, monoenergetic and bivalent modes of operation can be selected for operation.

Determination of the annual performance factor according to VDI 4650

The annual performance factor according to VDI 4650 is an important factor for comparing plants according to their efficiency. It forms the basis for many funding measures and approval procedures.

Evidence for EEWärmeG, EWärmeG and BAFA grants

GeoT*SOL determines the degree of fulfillment when using geothermal and solar thermal energy according to the law for the promotion of renewable energies in the heating sector for new buildings, as well as the renewable heat law for existing buildings in Baden-Württemberg.

Download Valentin GeoTSOL 2021

Download Valentin GeoTSOL 2021 R3

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