Download Trimble Vico Office R6.8

Download Trimble Vico Office R6.8

Trimble Vico Office

Vico Office enables quantity take-offs, calculating and planning based on CAD and BIM, even combined with traditional methods as 2D PDFs. Vico office is modular software, enabling companies to start small and expand when neccessary. 


Quick and easy quantity take-off from 3D models and 2D drawings, or hybrid from multiple sources at the same time.


Calculation software for every phase of a construction project: from a cost estimate based on a design up to a detailed tender budget.


Vico Office supports in creating an accurate planning and simulations, both during preparation as in the production phase.


The R6.8 release of Vico Office introduces improved functionality related to Trimble Connect integration, support for the latest BIM authoring software versions, and improvements in Takeoff Pad and Tekla BIM. Other enhancements and defects that have been addressed as part of this release are listed in the Other Enhancements and Fixed Defects sections.

Download Trimble Vico Office R6.8 crack

Download Trimble Vico Office R6.8 crack

price is 78 euro


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Download Trimble Vico Office 4.7 MR1 free

password: 2020

install Vico Office 4.7 MR1

see the readme file

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Trimble Vico Office R6.8 license
Trimble Vico Office R6.8 license

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