Download Topaz Gigapixel AI 5.1.6 + Portable full free

Download Topaz Gigapixel AI 5.1.6

Topaz Gigapixel AI

Photo Enlargement with Gigapixel AI Enlarging your image without losing detail has always been impossible… until now. Enlarge your photos up to 600% while perfectly preserving image quality.

Gigapixel AI to offer you more powerful and accurate face enlargement. You’ll see a toggle in the right panel to enable/disable the new Face Refinement feature. Face Refinement will detect very small faces (16×16 px to 64×64 px) and apply targeted, improved upsampling through machine learning.

Gigapixel AI comes in handy for a wide range of uses. From enlarging scanned photographs, creating high-resolution crops in post-production, enlarging images to create high-quality prints, upscaling compressed images, to restoring low-resolution images from your old image libraries, Gigapixel AI succeeds where other image enlargement applications fail.

Download Topaz Gigapixel AI 5.1.6 + Portable

download Topaz Gigapixel AI 5.1.6

Download Topaz Gigapixel AI 5.1.6 + Portable


pass unrar: or 2020

install Topaz Gigapixel AI 5

view the readme file

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