In this course, you will learn about the new Storyboard Pro 20 features.

The following is a list of improved features you will see throughout this course:

  • Drawing Tools
  • Grids
  • Drawing Layers
  • Model View
  • Stage and Camera Views
  • Function Editor
  • Playback
  • Audio Effects
  • Animatic and video
  • Conformation
  • Export
  • Colour Space Management

Below, you will find a more extensive list of all the new features added in Storyboard Pro 20:

Drawing Tools

  • Stencil Brush tool
  • Pencil tool textures
  • Line tool modes
  • Cutter tool improvements
  • Auto fill for the Brush tool
  • Select tool improvements
  • Centerline Editor tool improvements
  • Eraser tool improvements
  • Model view
  • Onionskin modes

Grids and Alignment Guides

  • Proportion grid
  • 16×12 Field grid
  • Bitmap images snap to Alignment Guides

Drawing Layers

  • Animated Layer Opacity
  • Blur Effects preview button

Function Editor

  • Editing Bezier Curves


  • Playback view
  • Cached playback
  • Playback range

Animatic and video

  • Drawing on video tracks
  • Create empty video clips
  • Linking sound and video clips
  • Timeline Marker improvements


  • Effects Stack view
  • Apply audio filters
  • Adjust audio speed/duration


  • Conformation of video tracks
  • Exporting panels as movie files

Export and import

  • Movies with transparent background
  • Bitmap Export with Transparent background
  • Colour Space Management
  • Importing Audio Tracks from and AAF or FCP XML
  • Harmony Export improvements
  • PDF export improvements

Interface improvements

  • Easy Drag for the Transform tool
  • Font list filter
  • Assigned shortcuts added to tooltips
  • Layer improvements