Download TIBCO Statistica full license

Download TIBCO Statistica full license

TIBCO Statistica

TIBCO makes it possible to unlock the potential of your real-time data for making faster, smarter decisions.

TIBCO Statistica is a flexible analytics system, which allows users to, create analytic workflows that are packaged and published to business users, explore interactively and visualize, create and deploy statistical, predictive, data mining, machine learning, forecasting, optimization, and text analytic models. “Electronic Statistics Textbook”

TIBCO Statistica provides a rich desktop based user interface that allows data scientists to create sophisticated advanced analytic workflows using 16,000 functions. Users can also seamlessly integrate Python, R, and other nodes within the pipelines. Additionally, users can create parameterized workspaces that can be invoked via Spotfire. The desktop version of Statistica will continue to be offered as a stand alone product.

What’s new in TIBCO Statistica

TIBCO Statistica 13.5

Missing Data Processing in Spreadsheet Formulas (IMPORTANT)

Missing data (MD = missing data, empty cell) processing has changed in spreadsheet formulas. To revert the behavior used prior to 13.5, select Home ribbon -> Options -> Spreadsheets -> Use legacy MD comparisons in formulas. After changing this selection, quit and restart Statistica.

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Download TIBCO Statistica full license

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Download TIBCO Statistica full license


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install TIBCO Statistica 13

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