Trimble Tekla Tedds 2018 v20.00

Download Trimble Tekla Tedds 2018 v20

Tekla Tedds 2018

Trimble Tekla Tedds is an automated structural calculation tool for construction by Trimble. With Tekla Tedds, engineers can optimize designs, reduce errors, and present professional reports and explanations.

Tekla Tedds automatically calculates civil structures, which can improve both productivity and engineering quality. Work will become more efficient than manual calculation. This solution has a library that guarantees computational quality and is easy to test. Users have the flexibility to create additional calculations and guarantees for design documents.

For requirements and schedule challenges, Tekla Tedds is a trusted solution that enables engineers to confidently answer;
Unlike spreadsheets, thanks to Tekla Tedds, you control transparency for easy review and validation;
For more specialized profiles, the software’s features help engineers quickly create and customize structural calculation profiles for the project.
You can download Trimble Tekla Tedds 2018 v20 software for free here

Download Trimble Tekla Tedds 2018

Download Trimble Tekla Tedds 2018

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install Tekla Tedds 2018

Install Trimble Tekla Tedds 2018

Run appliead license generator

Copy generated license file to the folder: C:\ProgramData\Tekla\Structural\Licensing\