Download Teecheeks PicMagic Tools 1.1 full free

Download Teecheeks PicMagic Tools 1.1 full free

PicMagic Tools

PicMagic is a collection of handy tools for compress, resize, rotate, convert and organise your photos in bulk.

PicMagic Tools is very handy solution packed with tons of features. You can do almost all basic activities related to image editing. This tool also comes handy when you need to perform actions on multiple photos in windows. It can compress images in very low size and good quality, resize images with multiple options, convert images into different image types, rotate multiple images, resize image into social media or business media formats, de-noise images, organize images as date taken/created or by year/month/date and convert Raw images to JPG. It has a very easy user interface and a preview option for  image rotation

Key features

  • Compress JPEG, PNG, GIF and Raw photos in bulk with the great quality and possible lowest size. It has two mode lossless compression (recommended) as well as lossy compression in which user can manually select compression ratio as required.
  • Resize images in bulk to your desired dimensions. One can resize images by height or width in which other dimension will be determind by aspect ratio, by exact dimensions to specific height and width and by percentage ratio one can simple increase or decrease dimensions as required.
  • Convert images to JPG either from PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP or from JPG to opposite in bulk with ease. It also has a custom option available to select more than one image source type and convert them to a specific type.
  • Rotate multiple images clockwise, counterclockwise, rotate to specific angle using a slider or use auto-correct option which will automatically set the image’s proper orientation.
  • Convert Raw images to jpg with just one click.
  • Image De-Noise can remove the random noise from an image while preserving sharpness.
  • Resize multiple images to predefined famous Social Media sizes like a Facebook cover, event cover, ads or twitter cover, profile photo, header as well as Business Media sizes like logo, announcements, large rectangle ads or poster etc
  • Image organizer helps to organize your photos  based on their taken date or created date. It organize photos by year, month and date based directory structures and move images accordingly

system requirements

  • Compatible with Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP
  • 32/64-bit
  • Setup File Size: 11. 8MB
  • CPU: 400 MHz
  • RAM: 128 MB free space
  • Hard Disk: 15 MB of free space

Download Teecheeks PicMagic Tools 1.1 full free

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Download Teecheeks PicMagic Tools 1.1 full free


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