Download StrategyQuant X Ultimate Build 130 ( Windows / Liunx / macOS)

Download StrategyQuant X Ultimate Build 130 full crack

Create New Trading Strategies For Any Market And Timeframe

StrategyQuant X is the most powerful platform to generate, develop and research algo trading strategies with a click of a button

StrategyQuant X gives you the tools of professional quants and hedge funds. Build your own portfolio of trading strategies in a quantified way.

What is new in StrategyQuant X build 130

Released 14.12.2020

Major version with lots of new features and bugfixes 

  • Advanced Trade Management (ATM)
    allowing multiple exits (scale out), and enabling multiple exits also for already existing strategies.Documentation: Settings – ATM
  • Fit to portfolio
    filter in Builder – allows looking for strategies that have low correlation with your portfolio of already existing strategies.
    Documentation: Fit strategy to existing portfolio
  • SQ for Business – MQL Market support
    “native” support for publishing your strategies to MQL Market and earning another source of income.
    Only for ULTIMATE version.
  • JForex engine
    added support for JForex engine. Still experimental.
  • Mass-modify symbols in custom project
    allows you to quickly replace symbols / timeframes in all tasks of the custom project 
  • New indicators – KAMA, WoodiesCCI, Hull Moving Average,  Kaufman Efficiency Ratio, Gann HiLo, Vortex
    and signals based on them 
  • Compare backtest config
    compare backtest configuration between two strategies and quickly find out what’s different.
    Documentation: Comparing and using the same backtest settings
  • PDF report
    save your backtest report into PDF
  • Mass-improve build type implemented in Builder
  • Possibility to change type (Minimize/Maximize/Approximate) in weighted fitness configuration
  • Use custom JARs in Snippets – import custom Java JAR libraries to be used in snippets.
    Documentation: Using custom JAR libraries

Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.

Download StrategyQuant X Ultimate Build 130 full crack

Download StrategyQuant x Ultimate Build 130 crack ( Windows / Liunx / macOS)

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