SolidPlant 3D 2020 Release 2.0

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SolidPlant 3D

SolidWorks+SolidPlant3D = Perfect match for plant design engineers.

SolidPlant has brought the best 3D MCAD capability into today’s world of plant design. Sophisticated, state of the art new features will help you produce 3D models and all related production documents fast and easily. Work with highly accurate dimensions from SolidPlant’s vast piping specification database to prevent any mistakes on the bill of materials and other output documents.

SolidPlant is a sophisticated plant design solution for SOLIDWORKS. SolidPlant 3D contains a very large set of manufacturer catalogs of pipe components, pumps, valves, gaskets, etc. driven by a Structured Query Language (SQL) Server database that allows specifications to be picked / created. Routing is then done on the basis of these specifications. In addition, SolidPlant also includes equipment model and structure templates to put a profile and area in which routing will take place. SolidPlant also has an automatic isometrics drawings generator.

SolidPlant is a developer in the field of piping and plant design solutions. We are dedicated to developing solutions that integrate with SOLIDWORKS. SolidPlant offers a complete 3D plant design software package that works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS.

Features of SolidPlant 3D

  • Comprehensive catalog list
  • Database-driven
  • Specification creator
  • Automated piping/ routing
  • Equipment/ structural design
  • No need to use other specification
  • Common workflow for piping design(ers)
  • No margin for error, sustainable to large projects
  • No need for third-party software

System requirement

Windows 7, 10 x64

Solidplant 2018: Solidworks 2016 or higher

Solidplant 2019: Solidworks 2017 or higher

Solidplant 2020: Solidworks 2018 or higher

Download SolidPlant 3D 2020 full

Download SolidPlant 3D 2020 R2.0


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telegram: @ttpm2020


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