SoftGenetics GeneMarker 3.0.0

Download SoftGenetics GeneMarker 3.0.0

SoftGenetics GeneMarker

GeneMarker software is unique genotype analysis software which integrates new technologies that enhance speed, accuracy and ease of analyses. The biologist-friendly software is an excellent alternative to: Applied BioSystems GeneMapper® software, or MRC Holland’s Coffalyser.Net software.

GeneMarker software is compatible with output files from all major sequencing systems, including ABI®PRISM, Applied Biosystems SeqStudio™, and Promega Spectrum Compact CE Systems genetic analyzers, as well as custom primers or commercially available 4-6 dye chemistries.

GeneMarker software’s Windows® 7-10 based operation simplifies analyses for clinical and basic research in agriculture/wildlife applications.

Clinical Research

  • MLPA®
  • Microsatellite Instability (MSI)
  • Repeat Expansion Disorders
  • Fragile X
  • Trisomy
  • Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH)
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Haplotype Analysis
  • SBE/ SNaPshot®

Agriculture/Wildlife Research

  • Microsatellites (SSR, STR, VNTR)
  • Kinship Analysis & Database Search
  • Phylogeny, Clustering, Dendrograms
  • AFLP
  • t-RFLP
  • TILLING® & EcoTilling
  • MLVA
  • Macromolecule Analysis (if ILS is absent)

Download SoftGenetics GeneMarker 3.0.0

download SoftGenetics GeneMarker 3.0

Download SoftGenetics GeneMarker 3.0.0 

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