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What is new in Smaart v8.5.2

Smaart v8 is the Industry Leading, Dual Platform (Mac & PC), FFT-Based Audio Analysis Software.

Smaart is a computer based dual-channel FFT platform that we use in our work as audio engineers to view the frequency content of signals or measure the response of our electrical and electro-acoustic systems, all to better make informed decisions about the deployment and operation of those systems. Getting started with Smaart v8 requires some basic hardware requirements beyond the Smaart software and host computer. At the minimum, for electro-acoustic systems (PA system analysis), a 2×2 audio device interface and a single measurement microphone will suffice. This is however only the beginning, as Smaart is purpose-built to scale up to fit the requirements of even the most complex systems and environments. The only practical limitation of Smaart is your own – be it expanding your hardware universe, or improving your knowledge through practice and training.

• IR Mode Enhancements

o IR Data Bar – mimics RT Mode Data Bar in form and function (Trace Info, Trace Color, nested folders, etc)
o Measure, view, and compare multiple IR measurements in the same plot
o IR Mode Plot Legend with “Sync Ld” function
o Decay Markers stored in Wave file – easily manipulate marker positions and re-save
o Improved STI calculations
o “All Bands” dialog now shows all bands by default, instead of just some bands
o New controls for manipulating IR Spectrograph
o Separate Command Bars for RT and IR Modes
o User-defined Filter option for IR Mode
o Improved IR highpass filter and added lowpass filter (access from IR Options)
o Banding can now be applied to IR Frequency and IR Spectrograph Plots – enable option from IR Options
o IR “Peak to Delay” now uses current filter (previously always used Broadband data’s peak)
o IR Options reworked to fit new controls
o IR Mode Plots now have independent Y axis panning
o Added Option to change IR Mode frequency-domain plot scales
o All Bands window position is now persistent
o Improved IR saddle point calculation

• Sound Level Measurement Enhancements

o SPL History plot is now a drag-and-drop target for log files
o PDF SPL Reports – Generate Report now creates color PDFs
o Added “C-A” option for Leq measurements to Advanced Meter Config
o Alarm indicators are now always shown in SPL History, even if relevant metrics are hidden
o Alarm level lines are now hidden if no associated metric is shown in SPL History plot
o Added Alarm indicator hover text that shows the metric and timestamp
o “Exposure N” and “Exposure O” now calculate by default
o Added differential Exposure display below SPL History graph
o Logger now automatically starts a new log file after log file is 24 hours long
o If all calibrated inputs/devices are removed while logging is enabled, logging now stops
o Added right-click menu for opening file location to SPL log file path field in SPL History component
o Option to open email client at attach SPL Report after generating
o Added “No logging inputs available” to web browser page if nothing is available

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Download Rational Acoustics Smaart 8.5.2

Download Rational Acoustics Smaart 8.5.2 windows [License FIX]

Download Rational Acoustics Smaart 8.5.2 macos [License FIX]

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