SEQUENCE PILOT 5.2.0 (SeqPilot)



Sequence Pilot A Fully Automated All-In-One Solution For The Analysis Of Your Sequencing Data

SEQUENCE PILOT a powerful tool for the analysis of your Next Generation Sequencing, Sanger and MLPA data can be used as a stand-alone tool but also be integrated as part of an existing analysis pipeline. Especially with regard to an increasing availability of whole exome data, generating trustworthy results and their correct interpretation in a short time represent the new challenges that physicians and researchers are facing daily.

Laboratories worldwide are using our SEQUENCE PILOT software for the analysis of sequencing data, appreciating especially its accuracy, efficiency and traceability.

In a field where the emphasis is on patient care, it is essential to guarantee a high sensitivity and specificity as well as efficient and transparent analysis. This is precisely the strength of SEQUENCE PILOT with its modules: lSEQNEXTSEQPATIENTMLPA®SEQNEXT-HLASEQHLALISTENMASTER & TALKMASTER.lll


  • Powerful all-in-one solution for robust high-throughput variant detection (mapping, alignment, variant calling, QC-filtering), result filtering and interpretation
  • Compatible with all common sequencing platforms
  • User-friendly graphical interface with all necessary information and results in one screen
  • Easy navigation in the result view, moving to points of interest with a single click
  • Patient-based workflow with all sequencing results collected in one order

Download SEQUENCE PILOT 5.2.0 x64

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Download SEQUENCE PILOT 5.0.0 x64 full license