Download Renee USB Block 1.0.0

Download Renee USB Block 1.0.0

Renee USB Block

Renee USB Block provides a comprehensive solution for securing the data inside the computer. It can help you lock USB port, make DVD/CD burner read-only, block specified websites, forbid some programs and disable more devices.

When we are protecting the data inside the computer with password or something, we also need to prevent the computer from attack or virus from outside:
  • Unchecked USB flash drive or other external memory devices which may carry viruses will be read automatically
  • Copy data to unauthorized USB disk without permission
  • Unauthorized storage devices like mobiles, SD card connect to PC
  • Burning the personal or classic data inside PC to CD/DVD without admission

Prevent Threats from Outside with Renee USB Block

Only a few steps, users can disable reading USB disk even disable writing to USB disk as well.

White list is available to let you get access to trusted external memory devices.

Functions of disabling SD card reader, Android and iPhone are also available.

Once these “disable” functions are enable, computer does not read or write to related devices automatically.

Users can block any website with “Website Lock” fuction in Renee USB Block.

Compatible with Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32bit/64bit)

Download Renee USB Block 1.0.0

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Download Renee USB Block 1.0.0


Password extract file: 2020

Download guide / Hướng dẫn tải phần mềm

install Renee USB Block 1.0.0


copy file in crack folder to install dir


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