Red Giant VFX Suite 3.1.0 Windows / 1.5.1 MacOS

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Red Giant VFX Suite

Keying, tracking, cleanup, and visual effects compositing, right inside of After Effects.Now includes Bang, a tool for creating fully procedural 3D muzzle flashes!

VFX Suite 3 introduces Bang, a fully procedural 3D muzzle flash generator with 3D positioning, allowing for the quick and easy addition of muzzle flashes to your footage. Bang gives full creative control over the look of muzzle flashes, including shape, color, decay and duration.

VFX Suite 3 also upgrades the Primatte Keyer to be compatible with Apple Metal GPU acceleration for optimal performance on supported systems.

Features of the Red Giant VFX Suite

  • Ability to create and create realistic composites
  • Cracking and clearing your graphic designs precisely
  • Apply bright and attractivate visual effects to your projects
  • Ability to apply background changes to your graphic images and videos
  • Ability to apply changes to the color scheme of your designs
  • Apply various effects such as shadow and restore it in real time
  • And

Download Red Giant VFX Suite 3

Download Red Giant VFX Suite 3.3.0 Windows

Download Red Giant VFX Suite 1.5.1 MacOS

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