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FunctionBay RecurDyn

RecurDyn is an interdisciplinary, computer-aided engineering (CAE) software package whose primary function is the simulation of Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD).

RecurDyn simulates both rigid and flexible body dynamics by combining traditional rigid MBD with cutting-edge finite element technology for modeling flexible bodies. (MFBD: Multi Flexible Body Dynamics)

In addition, RecurDyn also includes a tightly-integrated controller design tool , design optimization , particle dynamics for granular materials , and durability and fatigue analysis . RecurDyn also supports co-simulation with various other CAE software tools.

RecurDyn includes a seamless co-simulation environment (Particleworks Interface) for coupled simulations with computational fluid dynamics solver, Particleworks from Prometech, allowing for detailed analysis of the interaction of fluids and multi-body systems.

RecurDyn employs world-leading technologies in both its solver to provide superior calculation speed and robust performance and in its GUI to provide an extremely powerful yet intuitive, easy-to-use environment for full pre- and post-processing. The GUI includes extensive customization tools to allow users to simplify and automate RecurDyn, and couple RecurDyn with their own workflow methods.

RecurDyn includes a large selection of toolkits to add functionality specific to various fields of engineering, such as paper handling, gears, tracked vehicles, and more. The base component of RecurDyn is RecurDyn/Professional, which includes the GUI, the solver, and ProcessNet, a powerful and complete customization environment. RecurDyn/Professional is required to use any additional toolkits

RecurDyn Construntion Diagram

  • Professional: General MBD solver, pre-/post-processor and Customization
  • Interdisciplinary Toolkits: MFBD, Control, Lubrication and Optimization modules
  • Application Toolkits: Well-developed Mechanical systems for inter-disciplines
  • Communicators: Interfaces gate for CAD and third-part products

RecurDyn Analysis Options

  • Rigid and Flexible Multi-Body Dynamic Analysis
  • Kinematic Analysis
  • Static Analysis
  • Design Studies and Design of Experiments
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Vibration (Linear) Analysis

Download FunctionBay RecurDyn V9R5 Windows/Linux

Download FunctionBay RecurDyn V9R5 BN9509 Windows/Linux

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install FunctionBay RecurDyn

see the readme file


If there are problems with startup, check the real number separator in the regional settings
If Recurdyn fails to load, check the decimal separator in Regional Settings
The only acceptable separator is DOT (.), NOT A COMMA (,)

Under Linux64 developers provide only solver without GUI