RadarOpus 2.2.16

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RadarOpus is the world leader in homeopathic software solutions. Our goal is to empower and inspire homeopaths by providing a suite of innovative and cutting edge tools aimed at supporting all aspects of clinical practice.

RadarOpus is a comprehensive software solution for the professional Homeopath with a modern look and clean graphic interface, giving you quick access to everything you could ever need in a busy practice!

RadarOpus Software has the largest Homeopathic Library in the world, ready at your finger tips. You are only ever a click away from searching through a vast database of repertories, keynotes, provings, materia medica, journals and clinical cases

more here: https://www.radaropus.com/

Download RadarOpus 2.2.16

download RadarOpus 2.2.16

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software is [email protected] from trial version, all features work and without any limitations