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Quick Surface 2.0 Build 59

Quick Surface

The modern 3D reverse engineering software for converting 3D scan meshes into CAD models. Created for professionals and non-professionals to convert 3D Scanned STL meshes with simplicity and ease.
QUICKSURFACE is not about building from scratch, it is about 3D reverse engineering.

Equipped with easy to use tools for extracting features from your 3D scan data, QUICKSURFACEcan convert most of your scanned objects into professional CAD models. Extract geometric features with best fit algorithms, draw 3D sketches directly on the reference mesh and build surfaces. The parametric behaviour and real-time deviation analyser gives you the flexibility and control that are usually only available in higher-end packages

QUICKSURFACE is probably the most cost-effective reverse engineering solutions available, that ensure users get the best results at an affordable price. At a cost much lower of what you would normally pay for other high-end reverse engineering solution’s, QUICKSURFACEdoes not compromise in quality, speed and time for delivering professional end results.

The intuitive and fast user interface, equipped with deviation control at every step, saves time and resources, thus helping the user to deliver results in the most effective way. When accuracy of your reverse engineered parts is key, our products have it covered

Download Quick Surface 2.0 Build 59

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Download Quick Surface 2.0 Build 59


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