Download QuantAnalyzer 4.9.0 PRO

Download QuantAnalyzer 4.9.0 PRO


QuantAnalyzer is StrategyQuant’s strategy for financial market analysis software. With the help of this software, you can test your strategies, find weaknesses or points that can be improved and take advantage of the best settings and money management. The work of this software is simple. By reviewing the strategy you give it, it will provide you with a report with full details such as income or loss on an hourly basis, which will allow you to improve the results. With the help of this program, you can also test your strategies on old data

QuantAnalyzer allows to analyze easily results of your real accounts or backtests and find space for improvement. You can also use the Portfolio master tool to create the best combination of multiple strategies. Providing an overview page to view all the information you need on one page, managing the right money by reviewing different strategies, betting on strategies (such as setting a day or time) and reviewing changes in their performance are just some of the powerful features of this app.

Features of QuantAnalyzer

  • Supports MetaTrader 4,5, Myfxbook, FX Blue, cTrader, MultiCharts, etc. platforms
  • Examine multiple strategies and determine the best one
  • Build the best possible combination of several strategies
  • Review and find the best way to manage money
  • Use conditions for strategies such as determining the day and time
  • Ability to program in the program to build new tools such as functions, statistical analysis, money management and so on
  • Assess the quality of the strategy with the help of analysis and statistical data

Download QuantAnalyzer 4.9.0 PRO

Download QuantAnalyzer 4.9.0 PRO crack

price is 58 euro

Download QuantAnalyzer 4.8.1 PRO crack

price is 28 euro


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Download guide / Hướng dẫn tải phần mềm

install QuantAnalyzer

view the readme file


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