Download PVSOL Premium 2020 R8 full license

Download PVSOL Premium 2020 R8 full license

PVSOL Premium 2020 R8

The design and simulation software for photovoltaic systems
PV*SOL premium is a dynamic simulation program with 3D visualization and detailed shading analysis for the calculation of photovoltaic systems in combination with appliances, battery systems and electric vehicles.

With PVSOL premium 2020 R8, the industry standard for photovoltaic design programs, you can design and simulate all types of modern PV systems. From the small rooftop system with a few modules to medium-sized systems on commercial roofs to large solar parks – PV*SOL premium supports you with numerous tools for design and simulation.

The unique 3D visualization is the highlight of PV*SOL premium. You can visualize all common types of systems in 3D, whether roof-integrated or roof-mounted, whether on small angled roofs, large industrial halls or open spaces – with up to 7,500 mounted modules or up to 10,000 roof-parallel modules, and calculate the shading based on 3D objects. This enables you to achieve the highest reliability for your earnings forecast – because for an accurate income calculation, a realistic representation of the shading from surrounding objects is essential.

All other design types from PV*SOL are of course also available to you in PVSOL premium 2020. Choose the type of design that best suits you and your PV project! The detailed results provide information about the performance of your system at all times.

Whether calculating self-consumption, designing battery storage or integrating electric vehicles – with PVSOL you can implement and present all customer wishes in no time at all.

You can use our extensive product database at any time. It currently includes over 20,000 PV modules, 4,700 inverters, 1,400 battery systems and many other products such as electric vehicles and performance optimizers.

It is updated regularly by the product manufacturers themselves, so that you can always work with the latest data.

You can generate high-quality project reports for your customers that can be configured and edited as required. Circuit diagrams with the necessary safety devices can also be created, e.g. for submission to the relevant authorities.

What is new in PVSOL Premium 2020 R8

PV*SOL premium 2020 Release 8

The following new features and changes are included:

  • Selection whether to work with offline databases.
  • Cable lengths and cross sections can be adopted for all MPP trackers.
  • Carpet-Plot: For displays in the negative range (with 0 as the highest value) the color gradient is reversed.
  • Updated SolarEdge sizing rules.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Improved access to the online databases.
  • Crash when reading horizon files with double azimuth values.
  • Characteristic curve of half-cell modules with three shaded strings corrected.
  • Template of the presentation report is now adapted for 3-column tables.
  • Memory leaks removed.
  • When copying load profiles, the annual consumption is preserved.

System requirements

  • Currently PV*SOL requires Microsoft Windows as the operating system with the latest service packs. At least Windows 7 is required.
  • A DirectX compatible graphics card is required.
  • PV*SOL requires resources such as processor time, RAM and hard disk space to store temporary files. Depending on the size of the project, these requirements vary and are difficult to quantify.
  • An internet connection is required.

Download PVSOL Premium 2020 R8

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Download PV*SOL premium 2020 Release 8
Download PV*SOL premium 2020 Release 8

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