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PulsimSuite is a TNO software tool to perform acoustic (pulsation) analyses of pipe systems. The flow in pipe systems is often not steady, but pulsating as a result of a reciprocating compressor or pump. The compressor-induced pulsations, in combination with the fluid properties and a potentially resonating pipe system, may result in unallowable pulsation levels. Not only will you see if your system complies to internationally accepted standards (API), you can also virtually investigate potential solutions to mitigate the pulsation levels.


Graphical User Interface

  • Full control of model building, definition of operating conditions, and results analysis via one intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • User-friendly 3D modeler (multiple-select, copy/paste, rotate/translate/mirror, etc.)
  • Direct visual compliance checking with API 618/619/674 standards, by colors on the pipe system
  • Easy identification and visualization of worst-case pulsation/vibration resonances with the innovative ‘hover-and-click’ functionality
  • Model validity checking as you work
  • User selectable unit systems (SI, European customary, English, US customary)
  • CAD import of pipe systems from PCF files
  • Databases of standard piping, beams, flanges, and valves
  • Straightforward simulation of systems running in parallel
  • Automatic report generation in Word or Excel

Numerical acoustic solver

  • Time domain solver ensures accurate simulation of non-linear effects like (cylinder) valve opening/closing, and damping by friction; the Pulsim solver is using the method of characteristics that has proven its validity and efficiency over the past decades
  • Realistic pulsation source model (cylinder with influence of pulsations reflected from piping)
  • Ability to simulate controlled cylinder valves capacity control
  • Reliable, validated models with an established track record in the industry
  • Parallel computing available for high calculation speed
  • No model complexity limits

Fluid-structure interaction 

  • Acoustics (pulsations) and pulsation-induced mechanics (vibrations, cyclic stresses) are calculated by a button-click, in one single model
  • PulsimSuite uses ANSYS as the solver for the mechanical simulations
  • Fully automated interfacing between acoustics and mechanics
  • Knowledge of ANSYS is not required, unless you want to:
    • Include user-built mechanical ANSYS models (e.g. compressor manifold) into the PulsimSuite-generated models


  • High-quality support from the TNO PULSIM people; the HTFD department of TNO has over 50 years of consultancy experience in the field
  • Introductory and advanced trainings
  • Not only helping you with the installation and button-pressing of the software, but also with modelling, simulation and pulsation/vibration mitigation challenges; resolving fluid-structure interaction issues is in our DNA!


  • Any Windows 64-bit PC (Windows 7 or higher) will suffice
  • An up-to-date processor (e.g. INTEL or AMD from year 2012 or more recent). PulsimSuite has parallel computing options available for multiple-core processors.
  • Any current graphics card will be sufficient for pleasurable 3D model handling
  • For larger pipe systems: 16GB of RAM, SSD hard drive.
  • MS Word report generation: MS Word version 2010 or higher, English version
  • MathWorks MCR version 9.2 (free download from MathWorks site)
  • In case of using the Mechanical Module (calculating mechanical vibrations and cyclic stresses): ANSYS Mechanical or ANSYS Structural

Download PulsimSuite 2.2.6

Download PulsimSuite 2.2.6 x64

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PulsimSuite 2.2.6 x64