Download PSS®E 33.4.0

Download PSSE 33.4.0


PSSE – high-performance transmission planning and analysis software

PSS®E is used by planning and operations engineers, consultants, universities, and research labs around the world. PSSE allows you to perform a wide variety of analysis functions, including power flow, dynamics, short circuit, contingency analysis, optimal power flow, voltage stability, transient stability simulation, and much more.

  • Comprehensive modeling capabilities that enable sophisticated analyses and accuracy, while also saving time
  • Improved system reliability while saving and reducing infrastructure costs
  • Improved work processes and efficiency
  • Integration into a client’s workflow via built-in Python APIs
  • Rapid assessments provide fast responses to constantly changing network conditions and the resulting effects
  • Fast and easy anticipation of network problems and analyses of alternatives
  • Calculation of the area exchanges in the planning network model

Key features

  • Fast and robust power flow solution for network models of up to 200,000 buses
  • Lightning-fast steady-state contingency analysis, including automatic corrective actions and remedial action system modeling
  • Full node-breaker support for detailed modeling of substation topology
  • Automated PV/QV analysis with plot generation
  • Powerful program automation and customization with fully-featured Python® API
  • Balanced and unbalanced fault analysis and contingency analysis (deterministic and probabilistic)
  • Comprehensive power flow and dynamics model library, including emerging technologies such as advanced FACTS devices and wind turbines
  • Code-based, user-written model building
  • Powerful, easy-to-use integrated plot facility
  • Graphical construction of user-defined controller models
  • Local Model Management functionalities to enable a user to seamlessly manage the various files (base case, network models, project changes, etc.) required to build new cases.

Download PSS®E 33.4.0

Download PSSE 33.4.0

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