Download PSCAD 4.5 x86

Download PSCAD 4.5


With PSCAD you can build, simulate, and model your systems with ease, providing limitless possibilities in power system simulation. Included is a comprehensive library of system models ranging from simple passive elements and control functions to electric machines and other complex devices.

PSCAD has benefited from over 40 years of continuous research and development. We are inspired by the ideas and feedback from our global user base. This philosophy has helped establish PSCAD as the most popular power system transient simulation package available today.


  • Parameter
  • Grid Layers
  • Bird’s Eye View Navigation
  • Electric Network Interface (ENI)
  • Volley Launch / Root Control
  • Comparator Tool
  • Blackbox Module Hierarchy Support
  • Blackboxing Modules
  • Workspace Consolidator
  • 64-Bit EMTDC
  • Automatic Project Backup & Recovery
  • 64-Bit Product
  • Simulation Sets & Multiple Simulations
  • New Search Capabilities

Download PSCAD 4.5

Download PSCAD 4.5

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