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Polysun is the powerful software platform for the simulation-based planning, designing and optimizing of comprehensive energy systems for buildings and districts. Making use of Polysun’s flexibility, you will master the complexity of sector-coupled energy systems in no time, bringing you into a position to convincingly win over your customers.

Polysun is simple and efficient to use, delivering results you can rely on and those that will improve your credibility and win over your clients. Polysun will let you design and optimize overarching systems with the combined use of thermal and electrical generation. Analyze the energy flows and safeguard the proper working of the facility. Find the optimal configuration and dimension of the components, reducing both your investment and the operating costs.

System design
Creation of your own set-ups choosing from a broad range of components.

Far-reaching availability of a wide range of component libraries.

Calculation of the energy flows and the temperature distribution of the system.

Compare the results and choose from meaningful diagrams.

System comparison
Compare different system topologies to identify the optimal system.

Control structure
Create your own control logics, to calibrate even complex systems according to your needs

Download PolySUN 11.2

Download PolySUN

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