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what is new in PLAXIS 2D CONNECT Editon v22 update 2

Since PLAXIS V22 Update 1 also contains the new data structure of the material database and the more flexible and more robust way of handling project units introduced in the previous release, similar precautions apply with respect to V21 release compatibility. PLAXIS V22 Update 1 will be installed alongside PLAXIS V21, instead of overwriting it. Calculated V21 projects opened with this latest release will automatically be saved as a converted copy with the _converted suffix. After the conversion, remeshing and recalculation are required. In this case, the original V21 project will remain unchanged. For V21 projects that only have their geometry and/or some material sets defined and may be either meshed or not, these projects will be opened by V22 Update 1 without converting to a saved copy. The original V21 project would be overwritten upon saving.

In PLAXIS, constitutive models such as Jointed Rock and Hoek-Brown capture the behavior of small, smeared discontinuities, while the larger explicit discontinuities have traditionally been modeled through Interface elements. The new Discontinuity element, initially introduced for PLAXIS 2D in Version 22, enables a simpler modeling workflow. This element is now also made available for PLAXIS 3D in V22 Update 1.

Discontinuity elements simulate the localized effects of discontinuities in rock, including opening/closing and sliding. Discontinuities decouple the nodes in the mesh, enabling the relative displacement between the two faces of the opening, which are linked by a set of independent springs for which normal (kn) and shear (ks) stiffnesses can be specified. The mechanical properties of Discontinuities are defined through their own material sets, instead of depending on the surrounding material, which makes them easier to use and to port from project to project.

In PLAXIS 2D, geometry from CAD files is typically imported the same way as it is defined in the CAD file. This means that polylines, whether closed or open, will normally be imported as polylines and lines as lines etc. However, in CAD drawings the closed polylines usually represent soil/rock clusters or structures like quay walls etc. and users will expect these to be recognized by PLAXIS as soil/rock/structure polygons. This goes very well when users assigned so called Regions or Boundaries to their CAD drawing before exporting it from their drawing tool.
However not every software, for example Leapfrog, supports the creation of Regions or Boundaries, therefore importing CAD drawings that contain closed polylines into PLAXIS 2D would sometimes require the user to manually trace the imported polylines to create polygons.

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