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Sphera’s PHA-Pro offers a framework, configurable methodologies and risk assessment workflows to help organizations standardize and record risk assessment data and ensure proper controls are in place.

PHA-Pro is the most recognized and respected process hazard analysis & HAZOP tool for strengthening the risk assessment process

Efficient: Build on your previous assessments to avoid wasting time and resources. Retain valuable corporate knowledge and intellectual property. Incorporate learnings from past incidents.

PProductive: Improve the implementation of risk studies and achieve more responsive, efficient business processes.

Optimized: Use our preformatted, standard PHA templates, easily configure them to your liking, and increase risk assessment consistency.

PHA-Pro helps you optimize expert time, minimize work stoppages, and reduce the potential for undesirable events. With PHA-Pro you can reduce study time by 86% and report time by 90% with our advanced features including:

  • Dynamically link PHA diagrams and worksheets
  • Improve release management
  • Shorten study time and leverage best practice with our comprehensive knowledge libraries
  • Export professional reports
  • Access a criticality matrix
  • Access international, multi-language support
  • Link HAZOP and LOPA templates
  • Enhance workflow with autotype and copy features
  • Utilize our recommendations manager tool

PHA-Pro system required: Windows 7/8 / 8.1, windows 10, not support windows 10 LTSB, LTSC

Download PHA-Pro

Download PHA-Pro

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