Download Optinest 2.31k Pro Plus

Download Optinest 2.31k Pro Plus

Optinest 2.31

OptiNest is a general shapes nesting sofware, based on a powerful algorithm using the BOOLE & PARTNERS CalepiLib functions library. OptiNest’s main standard parameters are calculation depth, smoothing factor, pieces grouping, and propagation mode.

OptiNest imports pieces outlines, toolings and inner openings (bored pieces) in DXF format. Outlines and toolings are described either by closed polylines, or by a succession of open polylines, arcs, and lines.

– OptiNest offers a quick entry of rectangular, circular, and polygonal shapes.
– OptiNest takes into account the cutting tool thickness, the panel trim cuts, and each piece’s color, quantity, rotation and reversal capabilites.
– After each optimization, OptiNest exports the nesting map in DXF format, maintaining pieces and toolings full DXF description.

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Download Optinest 2.31k Pro Plus

download Optinest 2.31

Download Optinest 2.31k Pro Plus

price is 40 usd

Download Optinest 2.31h Pro Plus

price is 25 usd


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