Download Nei Works 2.1 SP1.0 for SOLIDWORKS 2008-2015

Download Nei Works 2.1 SP1.0 for SOLIDWORKS 2008-2015

Nei Works

Download NeiWorks 2.1 SP1.0 for SOLIDWORKS 2008-2015

NeiWorks is a powerful plugin for modeling and analyzing finite element in Salidouk Software. The plug-in, in the same shape and graphic design, adds new features to the program environment, allowing users to easily design and analyze a variety of finite element models in the familiar Salidouk environment. Combining this plugin with the base capabilities of the Salidork software is a great strength. In fact, engineers with the ability to design a Salidurk will also be able to perform CAE or computer-aided engineering.

Using this load analyzer plugin, the boundary conditions, the analysis of the status of the mesh and its impact on the product, etc., can be easily analyzed. Interestingly, with the change in mesh design and design, simultaneous analysis results in this plugin will also be updated. This feature will make your quicker acquaintance with the impact of factors and factors that are highly valuable. Today, users of Sidelore can easily connect their FEA data with pre-programmed and postprocessing standards.

You will have the opportunity to analyze static and dynamic, examine the heat transfer capacity of the model, test different types of stress tests and critical conditions on the product, in addition, there are various capabilities for controlling and analyzing composite structures. You will have The program helps engineers to optimize product status by analyzing correctly and make contract-based modeling easier than before. Using this software reduces production time and dramatically reduces the cost of production, as without trial and error, and without the need to build expensive prototypes, you can do all the testing and evaluation steps in a safe software environmen

Download Nei Works 2.1 SP1.0 for SOLIDWORKS 2008-2015

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Download Nei Works 2.1 SP1.0 for SOLIDWORKS 2008-2015 32bit

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Download Nei Works 2.1 SP1.0 for SOLIDWORKS 2008-2015 64bit

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pass giải nén: thuthuat-phanmem.top

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Hướng dẫn cài đặt và active free Nei Works 2.1 SP1

Xem hướng dân trong file readme.txt

1. Install NeiWorks 2.1 with password “modelfea” and License Method: Network Licensing (FlexLM). Do not select the License server or license file at setup!

2. Copy “noraneng.lic” to <NeiWorks progdir> (by default C:\Program Files\NEiWorks\ )

3. At first program start when asked for license select: Specify the License File > Next > Browse to “noraneng.lic” saved in <NeiWorks progdir> > Next > Finish

Note: also you can create environment variable NORANENG_LICENSE_FILE=full path to noraneng.lic

4. Enjoy

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