Download NavCad 2021 Premium

Download HydroComp NavCad 2021 Premium

HydroComp NavCad

NavCad is the premier hydrodynamic and propulsion system simulation tool, providing powerful systems engineering calculations for the performance of marine vehicles. NavCad is built on a physics-based performance equilibrium of the Vessel-Propulsor-Drive system model, and is known for its reliable and confident prediction.

NavCad contains an extensive library of prediction methods for hulls, propulsors, and all necessary pieces, making it the most efficient and comprehensive platform for analysis from early-stage design through post-delivery trial evaluation. Used for any type of monohull or catamaran vehicle from large displacement vessels to fast planing craft to submersibles, it supports a variety of drive and propulsor options.

Whether the focus is vessel, propulsor, drive – or the system – NavCad remains the gold-standard of performance prediction for more than 30 years.

NavCad Premium

The Premium Edition of NavCad offers a suite of power user tools for optimized design, lifecycle evaluation, and workflow efficiency. NavCad Premium is a vital tool for design space evaluation of the Vessel-Propulsor-Drive system or for the vessel hull form component. Its Analytical Distributed Volume Method (ADVM) supplements hull form analysis with a novel and proprietary numerical calculation of wave-making resistance. Scripting for batch calculations and use of NavCad Premium as a calculation server makes it the ideal coupled solver for optimization and integrated design studies with CAD and CFD. The duty-profile operating modes module gives users of NavCad Premium understanding of system performance metrics across the full operating scenario and ship life-cycle, including energy KPIs and GHG emissions.

NavCad software features

  • Predicting the strength of the ship’s hull
  • Analysis of static drift mode
  • Choose the right drive system components, including engines, gearboxes, and impellers
  • Ship speed calculation
  • Design and analysis of all types of boats
  • Supports PDF, DOC, or CSV output format

Download NavCad 2021 Premium

Download NavCad 2021 Premium

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