Download Modano 10.5.6 for microsoft Excel

Download Add-in Modano 10.5.6 for microsoft Excel

Add-in Modano

The Modano Excel add-in changes what’s possible using Microsoft Excel and thereby dramatically reduces the time, cost and risks associated with financial modeling.

Instantly access thousands of pre-built pieces of financial models – called modules – to build and customize high quality financial models in minutes. Then use the automation provided by the Modano add-in to automate time-consuming, high risk tasks such as model roll-forward, data import and the addition of categories.

Seamlessly implement a consistent, purpose-based, best practice corporate theme across your organization, then leverage a full range of model auditing tools to further streamline model development and review processes.

The Modano Excel add-in redefines the way financial models are built and maintained, giving you the power to efficiently build and maintain highly-customized, integrated, scalable financial models of any size. Choose from thousands of existing modules, customize or create your own modules using Microsoft Excel, then share and reuse

Modano add-in Features

  • Build dynamic pages in Excel to do automatic work
  • Ability to customize the proposed models depending on your needs
  • Benefit from error checking, doing work, adding categories automatically
  • The possibility of simultaneous use in organizational and team work to increase productivity
  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Excel versions from 2007 to 2016

Download Modano 10.5.6 for microsoft Excel

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Download Add-in Modano 10.5.6 for microsoft Excel

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install Modano 10

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