Download midas GTS NX 2021 v1.1 free

download midas GTS NX 2021 v1.1

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design, analysis, and drafting automation is designed to create better engineering experience.

GTX NX will raise your engineering competence.

  • Real 3D Geometry ModelingUsers can quickly become proficient with modeling in GTS NX
    – a tribute to CAD based 2D and 3D modeling commands.
  • Powerful Mesh GeneratorVarious types of mesh-generator enable the engineers to quickly create the high-quality mesh even without the experience in the finite element modeling.
  • Fast Analysis SolverAll types of analysis are available for 64-bit parallel solver, and faster through utilizing GPU acceleration.
  • Outstanding Post-ProcessingThe variety of output methods assist you to make the impressive presentation for your clients with the outstanding visualization generated by the advanced graphic engine.

GTS NX is finite element analysis software for advanced geotechnical analysis of soil and rock deformation and stability,
as well as groundwater flow, dynamic vibrations and soil-structure interaction in 2D and 3D.

GTS NX is used for analysis, testing, and design by geotechnical, civil, and mining engineers. It is designed to adapt any kind of geotechnical project. The intuitive interface will enable new users to easily integrate the software in their work process

download midas GTS NX 2021 v1.1

Download midas GTS NX 2021 v1.1

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