Download Meteonorm 8.0.3

Download Meteonorm 8.0.3

Meteonorm Version 8

Eight years after launching version 7, Meteotest publishes Meteonorm Version 8. This upgrade includes mainly new and more current climate periods, better access to ongoing timeseries and updates of the software. The user interface of the desktop software hasn’t been changed much. With the publishing of version 8 Meteotest stops the support of version 6 (2006).

Updated historic, current and future data

  •  New data periods (2000-2019 / 1996-2015)
  •  Updated current data / timeseries for Americas and Asia
  •  Updated future data (IPCC scenarios)

What’s new

Compared to the current version 7.3, Meteonorm Version 8 is based on more recent data from the following periods:

  • 1996 – 2015: new main period for radiation parameters (see new maps)
  • 2000 – 2019: new main period for temperature, dew point temperature, wind, precipitation and days with precipitation

This recent time period is denoted in the new Version as “contemporary”. It is still possible to choose a “historic” data period (1981 – 1990 for radiation and 1961 – 1990 for temperature).

In addition, Meteonorm Version 8 offers the following new features:

  • Access to ongoing current time series based on satellite worldwide (55°S to 65°N) and Re-Analysis data (ERA-5T) for rest of the world
  • New satellite data based on an own, globally homogeneous satellite model, including satellite data for Asia and the Americas
  • Future data for IPCC Scenarios RCP 2.6, 4.5 and 8.5 from 10 global climate models based on CMIP5 are included (2020 – 2100)
  • Detailed model for urban effects based on the H2020 project. 100 cities in Europe include urban effects for the contemporary climates. Barcelona, Berlin, Bern, Bremen, Prague, Rome and Vienna additionally include urban effects of 2050 for two scenarios.
  • Current data (downloaded timeseries) include the new parameters Td, FF, DD and RR (previously only Ta and Gh)
  • The software was partly refactored, updated and bugs fixed. Climate data are mostly stored as .png files to achieve maximum compression rates.
  • Clearer structure and separation of climate and/or imported / current data

You can find more detailed information baout the changes on the Changelog. An overview over the features of Meteonorm can be found here.

Download Meteonorm 8.0.3

Download Meteonorm 8.0.3

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copy file to install dir C:\Program Files (x86)\Meteotest\Meteonorm 8

copy license file to C:\ProgramData\Meteotest\meteonorm


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