Download Leica GEO Office full free

Download Leica GEO Office 8.4 full free

Leica GEO Office 8

Get best results by managing and combining your data with Leica Geo Office. You just need to import and combine your data from all your instruments to produce the final results.

  • GNSS instrument support
  • TPS instrument support
  • Level instrument support

Best-in-class processing options
Years of experience in the fields of surveying and GNSS data processing resulted in the world’s most powerful processing options.

  • GNSS data processing using SmartCheck techniques
  • TPS processing – from simple station updates to complex traverses
  • Level processing
  • Combined network adjustments
  • COGO calculations, datum transformations and volume calculations

All components integrated in one software
Leica Geo Office enables you to manage your project in an integrated way. No need to transfer data between the various modules.

  • Use GNSS processing to automatically update SmartStation set ups
  • Combine GNSS and terrestrial data with an integrated Least Squares Adjustment
  • Benefit from volume calculations being instantly updated whenever coordinates change

Download Leica GEO Office 8.4 full free

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Leica GEO Office


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