Download iThoughts windows / iThoughtsX 5.24 macOS

Download iThoughts windows / 5.24 macOS


Mindmapping for Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone

What is new

Moving multiple topics using arrow keys: As the title suggests, you can now move multiple topics around using the arrow keys (CMD+Arrow on Mac/iOS and CTRL+Arrow on Windows.)

More image options (embedded/floating and shapes) You can now have images sit above the topic shape rather then enclosed within it. This can provide a nice effect and use up less space. Images can also be ‘clipped’ into a shape (circle, oval, rounded rect) which works well for photos.

Custom hyperlink colors Not suggesting purple links with no underline is a good choice – but it’s a choice you now have.

Miscellaneous Tweaks – In addition to the above, there are a whole bunch of other tweaks – some of which are listed below:

  • Exported document (Mac/Windows) now have their folder opened automatically – so you can get at them quickly.

  • ALT+(1-5) will toggle the icon (rather than keep adding new ones)

  • Rotated JPEG images are now handled correctly (on Windows)

  • Search/Replace now supports newlines (\n)

  • Prefs open correctly on El Capitan

  • Older ITMZ files (with images in notes) are now imported correctly (iOS/Mac)

  • Research now works correctly – you can select text (iOS)

  • Doodle saved when app enters background (iOS)

Download iThoughts windows / iThoughtsX 5.24 macOS

download iThoughts 5, install iThoughts 5

Download iThoughts windows / iThoughtsX 5.24 macOS


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install iThoughts

see the readme file



run file patch


Just install


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