InventorCAM 2019 SP2 HF2 for Autodesk Inventor 2018-2020

Download InventorCAM 2019 SP2 HF9

InventorCAM 2019 

InventorCAM, an integrated CAM solution for Autodesk Inventor software, improves CNC milling with iMachining – saving more than 70% of machining time and significantly extending tool life. Fully integrated in Inventor and fully associated with the Inventor model. Tight integration with Inventor shortens the product lifecycle from design to production with ease.

InventorCAM iMachining creates savings and improves the operational efficiency of CNC milling machines, reflected in profitability and success. All InventorCAM customers around the world, who purchased iMachining, are enjoying these huge savings!

InventorCAM 2019 is used in the mechanical, electronic, medical, consumer products, machine design, automotive and aerospace manufacturing, rapid prototyping and injection molding, and manufacturing industries. and close the mold.

Download InventorCAM 2019 SP2 HF2

Download InventorCAM 2019 SP2 HF2 for Autodesk Inventor 2018-2020

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Install inventorCAM 2019

See the readme file

1. InventorCAM 2019 SP2 HF2 64bit Setup

1.1. Download “InventorCAM_2019_SP2hf2_English_x64_IV.exe” and one or more
archives with language localization needed from folder “Localizations”

1.2. Install InventorCAM 2019 SP2 hf2 64bit. If asked for license type
select “USB Hardware key”

1.3. Unpack all folder from your localization archive to <InventorCAM 2019 progdir>
(by default C:\Program Files\InventorCAM2019\) and overwrite original ones

1.4. To unlock menu InventorCAM > New > Wire EDM in InventorCAM 2019 close Autodesk
Inventor, run “IC2019_Wire_EDM.reg” and confirm to add info into Window Registry

1.5. To change language of InventorCAM interface run
All Programs > InventorCAM2019 > Choose Language

2. Multikey 18.1.0 64-bit Emulator Setup

If you already had Multikey 18.1.0 64-bit Emulator for SolidCAM/InventorCAM installed skip
Emulator setup, just install InventorCAM 2019 SP2 hf2 and run it

To install Multikey Emulator you need Administrator rights!

2.1. Uninstall previouse USB-emulatot for SolidCAM 64-bit if exist

2.2. Copy folder “MultiKey_18.1_x64_31052017” to your computer

2.3. Run “SolidCAM.reg” and confirm to add info into Windows Registry

2.4. Run as Administrator MultiKey_18.1_x64\install.cmd and wait until
new devises and drives for them will be found and installed

2.5. Reboot computer

Note: If setup is succesfull you have to see new devices:

Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus controllers -> Sentinel HASP key
Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus controllers -> Sentinel USB key