Download IHS PERFORM 2013 v1.1 full free

Download IHS PERFORM 2013 v1.1 full free


IHS PERFORM is an excellent software for optimizing the process of exploiting oil and gas resources. Exploitation engineering is one of the important branches of oil engineering that is responsible for reviewing and optimizing the production and exploitation of oil and gas resources.

Exploitation engineers must carefully examine the operation of the wells to prevent a sudden drop in oil pressure, and take the necessary action wherever there is a need for optimization. One of the most important techniques for protecting this issue is to divide the operating system into different nodes and optimize each node separately, which is called Nodal Analysis in this field.

IHS PERFORM software is one of the best programs for node analysis, especially in the operation of heavy oil with artificial lifting methods. This program is an excellent solution for optimization.

This program has various facilities for node analysis and optimization of the oil and gas reservoir operation process, and will be with you from the earliest stages of optimization to the end of the additional stages.

With this product, you can simulate the condition of pipes, valves, fluid velocity and pressure calculations of pipes. You can simulate different scenarios for chokes and heat loss in wells and pipes. In the discussion of artificial lifts, you can simulate a variety of lift modes such as Gaslift, ESP and Dunhill pumps. Analyze the system thoroughly and select the most optimal lift mode. It is also possible to combine this program with IHS SubPUMP to build ESP systems.

required system

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10

Download IHS PERFORM 2013 v1.1 full free

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Download IHS PERFORM 2013 v1.1 full free

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 IHS PERFORM 2013 crack

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