Download IDM UltraCompare Professional

Download IDM UltraCompare Professional

IDM UltraCompare

UltraCompare: powerful file, folder, PDF, Word, and Excel compare. With support for 3-way compare, folder sync, binary (hex) compare, and a lot more

UltraCompare rapidly compares 2 or 3 files from multiple locations at once, and merge conflicts and differences visually. Quickly launch a compare by drag-and-drop into the application, from the File Explorer context menu, or even via the command line.

Easily compare entire folders with UltraCompare, even over FTP and network shares. Keep folders in sync, and merge with ease. Folder compare delivers unparalleled control over any file system.

View differences in Excel, CSV, and other tabulated data files, with the ability to merge different cells, rows, or columns. UltraCompare also compares multiple sheets within Excel files.

Use UltraEdit or UEStudio? You’ll love the integration between UltraEdit and UltraCompare. Launch compares from UltraEdit or open compared files from UltraCompare in UltraEdit.

From browsing repositories, to resolving conflicts, to comparing versions and branches, UltraComapre is the ultimate diff / review utility for Git. With its set-and-forget difftool and mergetool support, UltraCompare is the ultimate Git compare app.

Download IDM UltraCompare Professional 20

Download IDM UltraCompare Professional x86-64


Password Extact file: 2020

Download guide / Hướng dẫn tải phần mềm

Install UltraCompare pro 20

see the readme file



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