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IDEA StatiCa

IDEA StatiCa is engineering software dedicated to the structural design and coding of joints, sections, beams and other details.

IDEA StatiCa Steel helps to design and test all steel connections. IDEA StatiCa Connection can design all types of welded or bolted connections, base plates, stands and anchors. It provides accurate test, strength, stiffness results and durability analysis of steel joints. Bolts, welds and concrete blocks are tested according to EN/AISC/CISC/AU/SP 16. Patterns for the most used connections as well as a wide range of welded and hot-rolled members are defined. before.

IDEA StatiCa Detail Reinforcement and code inspection of all types of concrete walls, beams. IDEA StatiCa Detail deals effectively with all parts of the structure also known as discontinuities such as walls, broken ends, openings, mounts, brackets and areas on supports. It provides accurate testing of concrete and reinforcement strength, stress and strain. These results are clearly visualized to better understand the details of the structures.

In addition, IDEA StatiCa is also a component in BIM, it supports combination with construction software such as SAP2000, etabs, tekla, revit, consteel, ….

Download IDEA StatiCa 10

Download IDEA StatiCa v10.1.117 x64

Download IDEA StatiCa x64

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