Mentor Graphics HyperLynx 9.4

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Mentor Graphics HyperLynx

HyperLynx is a complete set of analysis tools for high-speed electronic design that includes electrical design rule checking (DRC/ERC), signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI). with integrated 2D/2.5D/3D electromagnetic model (3D EM).

HyperLynx allows you to discover and fix problems earlier in your design cycle using advanced simulation techniques to predict how your designs will perform. Pre-route design simulation allows you to explore alternatives to make informed design decisions, while post-route verification allows you to perform detailed sign-off analysis prior to design submission into manufacturing. Increase your chances of first design success when using HyperLynx to optimize the performance and reliability of your designs.

Download Mentor Graphics HyperLynx 9

Download Mentor Graphics HyperLynx 9.4.1

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