Download HSPiP 5.1.03 full

Download HSPiP 5.1.03 full


HSPiP – Hansen Solubility Parameters in Practice

HSPiP is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of solubility analysis, dispersion, diffusion, chromatography, etc., which is a product of Hansen Solubility Parameters. With the help of this software, you can properly analyze the solubility of polymers in solvents and related compounds and finally achieve the desired result. The software in front of you, as a complete software package that is more than 50 years old, has very accurate data that will help you a lot in your upcoming analyzes.

HSPiP is an eBook, Software, a collection of Datasets and Working Examples all in one package. There are now HSP and other data on 10,000 chemicals in the current edition. The software doesn’t just calculate and visualise HSP in 3D, it has a solvent optimizer (up to 8 solvents, plus graphing of solvent mixture changes depending on Relative Evaporation Rates, Activity Coefficients and temperature), a polymer calculator, a DIY HSP calculator, a powerful Diffusion modeller. You can measure the HSP of liquids/oligomers via IGC. It even predicts GC and HPLC retention times for you! You can fit double spheres and sets of data values (e.g. solubilities) in addition to Yes/No solubilities. You can predict Vapour Liquid Equilibria and Azeotropes with the new powerful engine. With the new QSAR (Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships) capability there is the additional capability to fit datasets to meaningful parameter sets.

Features of HSPip

  • Benefit from a huge collection of data and chemical information
  • It brings you the ability to analyze a variety of chemicals for solubility
  • Allows the analysis of chemicals on three-dimensional models
  • Obtaining information such as molecular formula and molecular weight, anthony coefficient, etc.
  • Benefit from the full ability to search by material by name, CAS or formula
  • Ability to store and reuse your data in this software
  • Ability to share analysis and data obtained by you

Download HSPiP 5.1.03

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Download HSPiP 5.1.03 full 


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