Graitec OMD 2022

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Graitec OMD

Graitec OMD software is a building simulation software that provides a basic estimate of the system while calculating all elements of load distribution, wind control and seismic evaluation.

Graitec OMD software receives a 3D building model including slabs, beams, columns, walls, and foundations, and after evaluating the overall stability of the structure, it automatically draws all the details that reinforce the building.

This software has the necessary tools to check the steel structure and design the doors and windows. Graitec OMD’s multi-functional software tools also automate the design and review of profiles, crane connections, floors and corridors. The Graitec OMD software also generates an expense statement and provides a complete report of the estimates made in just minutes.

Download Graitec OMD 2022

Download Graitec OMD 2022

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