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Phần mềm GerbView

File Gerber là định dạng vector ASCII mở cho hình ảnh nhị phân 2D. Đây là tiêu chuẩn trên thực tế được sử dụng bởi phần mềm mạch in để mô tả hình ảnh bảng mạch in, gồm các lớp đồng, mặt hàn, chỉ dẫn, … Gerber được sử dụng làm dữ liệu cho chế tạo PCB

Phần mềm GerbView là phần mềm dùng để xem, in file Gerber, ODB++, PDF and Excellon
Convert to PDF, DXF, DWF, RS-274X, TIFF, SVG and more, ngoài ra GerbView còn có chức năng convert file Gerber thành các định dạng file: Extended GerberODB++PDFExcellonPLTHPGL/2 and other file formats

GerbView can create layered PDF, DXF and DWF files where each loaded Gerber file will correspond to a separate layer in the destination file. Check out our blog to read more about how you can create layered PDF files with GerbView. You may in addition create a multi-page PDF file from all loaded layers, where each layer will be placed on its own page in the output file.
With GerbView you can export individual layers, or the whole workspace, to any of the supported raster formats, which includes TIFFJPEGPNG and BMP. The resolution and number of colors used for the conversion can be set by the user.

GerbView Key Features

  • View, print, markup and convert Gerber, Adobe PDF, ODB++, Excellon, Autodesk DXF and HPGL/2.
  • Convert to Autodesk DXF, PDF, DWF, Gerber and other formats.
  • Convert multiple Gerber files to a multi-layer PDF, DWF or DXF file.
  • Convert ODB++ to a layered PDF, or to individual files using Gerber, PDF, DXF or SVG formats.
  • Convert PDF to Gerber, DXF, SVG or HPGL/2.
  • Gerber X2 attributes are supported.
  • Query for aperture and tool information in Gerber and Excellon files.
  • Measure distances, areas and perimeters, with our without snapping to pads and tracks.
  • Highlight selected apertures in Gerber files.
  • Add files of different formats as layers.
  • An unlimited number of layers can be added to a workspace (only limited by memory).
  • Visibility of all loaded files can be set individually.
  • View Gerber layers with or without transparency.
  • Invert negative Gerber layers (e.g. power-plane) to positive for correct display and conversion.
  • Rotate, mirror and scale layers.
  • Delete a selection of items from a Gerber file.
  • Supports up to 1000 different apertures.
  • Copy a selected region to clipboard, and paste into another application.
  • User defined header and footer for printing.
  • Color or Black & White Printing.
  • Scaled print or fit to paper.
  • Full mode print preview.
  • Poster mode for printing big format drawings on multiple sheets.
  • Save the whole workspace, or single layers, as low or high resolution raster files. Supported formats include:
    TIFF, CALS, Adobe PDF, Windows BMP, PNG and JPEG.
  • Add markup using lines, text, rectangles, images, qr-codes, barcodes, symbols, polygons and more.
  • Markup elements are stored in a separate file.
  • Markup burn-in feature for converting markup elements to native Gerber data.
  • Mouse-controlled zoom in, zoom out, zoom area and panning.
  • Command line conversion and printing.

download Software Companions Gerbview 9

download Companions Gerbview 9

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