Download GEO5 2020 Professional

Download GEO5 2020 Professional


The new function Annotations in GEO5 2020 Edition enables creating lines, circles, polygons, texts, and dimensions directly in the workspace. Implemented tools allow users to copy, move or edit objects as in CAD programs.

Simplified 3D subsoil modeling & Stratigraphy improvements include:

  • Input interfaces of layers by points (X, Y, Z)
  • Automatic transfer of created lines from geological sections to interfaces
  • Connection between geological sections and output sections
  • Pictures, photos and imported PDFs can be printed in logs
  • Visualization of geological sections in 3D

Some of the new features in GEO5 2020 programs are:

  • All programs – Tables allow to sort the content by columns and export the content to other programs such as Word, Excel
  • Nailed Slopes – Analysis of slopes protected by meshes
  • Redi Rock wall – Modeling of the entire wall
  • FEM – Modeling of nails
  • Pile CPT –   Analysis of the bearing capacity based on Standard Penetration Tests (SPT)
  • Spread footing – Analysis according to DIN 4017

List of software in the GEO5 suite

Anti-Slide Pile
Cantilever Wall
Earth Pressures
FEM – Consolidation
FEM – Tunnel
FEM – Water Flow
Gravity Wall
Ground Loss
Masonry Wall
MSE Wall
Nailed Slope
Pile CPT
Pile Group
Prefab Wall
Redi-Rock Wall
Rock Stability
Sheeting Check
Design Sheeting
Slope Stability
Spread Footing
Spread Footing CPT
Stratigraphy – Cross Sections
Stratigraphy – Logs

Download GEO5 2020 Professional

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Download GEO5 2020 Professional

Password extract file: 2020

Note: This is the version provided by the [email protected] community for free on the internet, we only provide content, not support other issues. Read the readme file carefully when using

another paid version, If necessary, contact us via email: [email protected]

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