Download Itasca FLAC3D 6.00.69 x64 full free

Download Itasca FLAC3D 6 full free

Itasca FLAC3D

FLAC3D (Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua in 3 Dimensions) is numerical modeling software for geotechnical analyses of soil, rock, groundwater, constructs, and ground support. Such analyses include engineering design, factor of safety prediction, research and testing, and back-analysis of failure.

FLAC3D utilizes an explicit finite volume formulation that captures the complex behaviors of models that consist of several stages, show large displacements and strains, exhibit non-linear material behavior, or are unstable (including cases of yield/failure over large areas, or total collapse).

Perpetual, monthly lease, and annual lease licenses are available as either a local USB-key (which is portable) or a multiple-seat network USB-key. Academic institutions qualify for special pricing discounts.

FLAC3D Features

FLAC3D offers a fully integrated numerical modeling environment that includes model project management capabilities, interactive mesh building and model construction, run-time monitoring of results (including FISH scripting variables and function states), extensive plotting options, and easy, automatic movie pre-processing tools. While FLAC3D has been developed to be general in nature, it has been designed, in collaboration with our own consultants, with geotechnical and geomechanical applications in mind for civil (tunnels, rail embankments, wharfs, soil enhancement, retaining walls, piles, foundations), mining (ramps and drifts, stopes, blasting, subsidence, caving, sills, pillars, tailings dams), oil & gas (salt caverns, wellbore optimization, borehole breakouts, compaction/subsidence, cap rock integrity), and power generation (dams, power house caverns, wind turbine foundations). FLAC3D can be extended with options that are offered separately from the base program.

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Download Itasca FLAC3D 6 full free

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Download Itasca FLAC3D 6.00.69 x64


Download Itasca FLAC3D 5 x64


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