Download EViews 12 Enterprise

Download EViews 12 Enterprise

EViews 12


EViews is a modern econometric, statistics, and forecasting package that offers powerful analytical tools within a flexible, easy-to-use interface.

Using EViews, you can quickly and efficiently manage your data, perform econometric and statistical analysis, generate forecasts or model simulations, and produce high quality graphs and tables for publication or inclusion in other applications.

EViews is designed with your workflow in mind. The innovative EViews user-interface simplies every step of the process, from data input and import, to data visualization, statistical analysis, estimation, forecasting and model solving, publication quality presentation output.

What’s New in EViews 12

EViews 12 features a wide range of exciting changes and improvements. The following is an overview of the most important new features in Version 12.

EViews Interface and Programming

  • New open text based file format.
  • Markdown language support for output.
  • Miscellaneous improvements.

Data Handling

  • DBNomics database API support.
  • Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD) database API support.
  • Improvements to SDMX and EIA database interfaces.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements

New Graph, Table and Geomap Features

  • Shade-by-sample, allowing easier shading.
  • Animated graphs and geomaps.
  • X-Y errors bars.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements

Econometrics and Statistics


  • Variable selection methods: LASSO and Auto-Search/GETS.
  • Indicator saturation – automatic outlier and structural break detection.
  • Fractionally integrated GARCH models (FIGARCH and FIEGARCH).
  • Elastic Net, Ridge and LASSO enhancements.
  • Panel clustered covariances.
  • Mixed Frequency (MIDAS) enhancements.
  • Functional Coefficient Enhancements.

Testing and Diagnostics

  • Impulse response enhancements, including bootstrapped covariances.
  • Cross-Sectionally dependent panel unit root tests (Second Generation Tests).
  • Factor Selection Methods
  • Wavelet decompositions.
  • Elastic Net, Ridge and LASSO enhancements.
  • GARCH diagnostics: News impact curves, sign-bias tests, stability tests.


  • Solve control for target.
  • Algebraically switching endogenous and exogenous variables.
  • Dependencies.

Download EViews 12 Enterprise

Download EViews 12 Enterprise


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